The Village

Loretello is one Le Marche’s smallest and most picturesque villages and is located right in the heart of Italy. Here time stands still, life flows slowly and silence reigns supreme, only interrupted by the chiming of bells and the tweeting of the birds. The alleyways all lead to a breathtaking square overlooking one of the most immaculate agricultural landscapes on Italy.

The Village is tiny, but there is o much in it: our stylish apartment and our suite for those who want to rest their heads, Bar Giallo Loretello for those who want to have a bit to eat or drink a welcoming restaurant.

The Community

A small but fierce community looks over Loretello and it is mostly scattered around the old town’s walls. The locals are friendly and welcoming and will be often seen tending their gardens or having a gentle stroll. Some have been here all their lives, some other moved here from afar, attracted by the beauty of the area.

Some of the locals now work for us at Borgo Loretello and at Bar Giallo Loretello and we proudly count our concierge and housekeeper, our cleaners, our handyman, our tailor, our local tour guide amongst our closest collaborators. And occasionally one of our neighbours DJs or plays in the square too.

The Landladies

Pauline, Chiara and Elisa are the co-founders of Borgo Loretello and Bar Giallo Loretello. They joined forces in 2019 to give life to what they believe to be a new model of gentle tourism made of stylish accommodations, a high-quality bar and a constant collaboration with the locals who also work here. Pauline, Chiara and Elisa poured into this project all their experience in hotellerie, tourism and event planning with the intention to create a different concept of holiday altogether where guests are encouraged to forget the rat race and enjoy some quality time with the people they love the most in close connection with the locals.


Chiara in in charge of the organisation of all hands-on activities and at Borgo Loretello she also handles all things relating to booking, rates and institutional relations. In the past she worked in cinema and opera production in France and Italy and she is also Merry Le Marche’s co-founder where she curates the creation and organisation of hands-on activities for a curious international clientele.

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Dutch by birth, Italian by heart, Pauline arrived in Italy 17 years ago and for over 10 years she successfully run a charming country house and managed luxury holiday properties in Le Marche. She speaks 4 languages and is the point of reference of all the expats in the area. At Borgo Loretello she handles general administration and strategy and she is also in charge of the general management of our Bar Giallo.

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Elisa is the co-founder of Le Marche's most prominent destination event planner Merry Le Marche, in addition to Le Marche Magazine, a bilingual online publication telling stories about the region. She specialises in destination event planning and design, in addition to industry specific consultancy. At Borgo Loretello she curates the branding of the project, communication on and off social media and the marketing strategy. She has a strong corporate and interior design management background, both in Italy and the UK.

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